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 "Always look ahead, but never look back."-Miles Davis


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street corner trouble 

"Street Corner Trouble" was released on March 25th, 2017, I wrote it as a statement towards police brutality and racism. With the many deaths that has been at the hands of law enforcement, I created a scenario of a black man being harassed on the street corner. This African-Amercian man is ordinary, but he is seen as a threat, when in actuality he's just a normal everyday citizen of the United States. In this song I try to convey this scenario by:

1. Utilizing the different moods with specific themes.

2. Using instruments like the background synth part (heard at the bridge of the tune) as a sign of his inner peace to overcome this situation . 

3. Focusing on evoking anger, fear, pride, and hope within the melody/different sections.

At the end of the song, I wanted to leave the listener feeling like there is hope for better days. Hopefully when you listen to the song or listen back to the song, you can hear these different things going on. 



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  Lets talk about:   Without My Music

"Where is my place? Where is my mind? What is this I hear?"

The continuous search for understanding and meaning as a growing artist fueled me in the production of this album. The first line of the my song "Without My Music" came to me as an inner voice, the voice of  curiosity. As if I was just hearing music for the first time in a world I'm seeing, smelling, and interacting with as a little child. The sheer innocence of a child is linked to the curiosity a child experiences, that curiosity is what I find in music. "Without My Music" is not only a testament towards my connection or anyones connection with music, but also the wonderful gift God has given me to produce music. 

Thank you and much love!

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Lets Talk About: Dancing With The King


The story-It's about an African King bringing together the community as a means of dancing. The community is comprised of many different types of people and tribes. In the picture you see him dancing with a little boy, in my mind it shows the King as being playful and full of joy but also acts as a role model to the young boy. Being that he's a King and young boy is not from a royal background, he's showing the boy that he is still very much human and not this untouchable being. So the story plays out as the King dances, he brings together the community and shows them that no matter how mighty you may think you are, still be loving and embrace each other. The young boy is in fact the first person he dances with, which starts this community wide outbreak in dance.

Deeper meaning to the story- The King signifies a community leader, leader of the city, government hierarchy, and so on. But it is what we all should strive to be to each other, loving one another and becoming one. Which is what the King does with his community in the story.